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World Traveler,
Traveling all over the world.

The Japanese Super Influencer,
Specialist of Internet business, Self-education, and Personal development.

Resident of Hongkong 2011-2021, then Dubai Resident from 2021.



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Profile of Kazumasa KAWASHIMA

Born in 1979 in Japan.
Upon graduating from the Yokohama National University in the faculty of Business Administration, I joined a major pharmaceutical company. When the monthly profits from my side business started exceeding JPY 300,000, I quit this main job.

In my 20s, my annual income reached JPY 100,000,000, my book became a bestseller with more than 300,000 copies sold, and my e-mail magazine had the most subscribers in Japan.

It was around then that I realized I had more fun living as a pick-up artist and backpacker than being tied down to a daily life of business.

I changed my lifestyle in my 30s, working on my relationship skills and traveling the world while maintaining my annual income of JPY 100,000,000. I became friends with celebrities in Japan and went out with people from the US, UK, Germany, and Italy.

While living life to the fullest, I have traveled to more than 100 countries. I haven’t stopped researching information. I invested about JPY 100,000,000 into Bitcoin when it was still valued at about JPY 300,000, and my investments have returned huge profits.

I lived in Hongkong from 2011, and moved to Dubai in 2021. I plan to move to a country in Europe sometime soon.


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(Kawashima’s Private Business School)

Announcement about Kawashima-Juku

Kawashima-Juku (Kawashima’s Private Business School), in which Mr. KAWASHIMA directly coachs students in various fields, is not accepting new student application at the moment.

It is likely to start calling for next entries around October of 2022. He will release the information in his e-mail magazine and blog, so please keep checking if you are interested.

Company Profile

Company Name KawashimaHongKong Ltd.
Address Rm 1201-3, 12/F Chinachem Johnston Plaza, 178-186 Johnston Road, Wanchai, HongKong
Executive Director Ayumi SAKURAI
Established October, 2011
Contact TEL +852-9555-5960(Hongkong), +81-50-5534-5558(Japan)
Business type Publishing, Web-publishing, Seminar bussiness
Bank of account HSBC (The HongKong and Shanghai Banking Corporation Limited)