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HongKong living World Traveler
Annual income 10million HKD super affiliater
The specialist of Internet business and self-education

The Japanese Super Affiliater,
With JPY 100,000,000 (? HKD 10,000,000) annual income,

Lesident of HongKong and traveling all over the world.
Specialist in Internet Business and Personal development.


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Annual income 10million HKD super affiliater
Kazumasa Kawashima official blog

“Official Blog of Kazumasa KAWASHIMA,
the Super Affiliater with 10,000,000HKD annual income”

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Japan's No1 personal mail magazine.

Daily internet business news.

E-mail magazine, with the largest number of readers in Japan among the magazines issued by an individual person.

“The Daily Internet Business News”


“The Way to Earn \51,600,000 of Annual Income without Hard Working”
The Best Seller, with more than 280,000 copies in Japan.
Enjoyed big surprise from Mr. Terry ITO, who is a well-known Japanese TV Commentator.

“Study Method out of Common Sense, Easily Leading you to Success”
Instructual Know-how book, highly praised from Mr. Soichiro TAHARA, who is one of the very famous journalist in Japan.

‘The Law of Attraction, Steadily to be the Rich”
The First Book for Kawashima as a translation supervisor,
Published more than 80,000 copies, to become the Best Seller.

Profile of Kazumasa KAWASHIMA

Born in 1979 in Japan.
Graduated from Yokohama National University in the faculty of Business Administration.

After graduate, he entered a pharmaceutical company and worked as an employee.
He also had a side business if the Internet auction, and it was quite successful.
After three years, he decided to own his own business when his monthly income from his side business reached more than 300,000 Japanese yen, which is nearly equal to 30,000HKD .

In January of 2006, he started affiliate and information business through the Internet.
After only a half year, he got able to earn more than 5,000,000 Japanese yen(=500,000HKD) in one month.

After that, he organized and summarised his own know-how into a book “The Way to Earn \51,600,000 of Annual Income without Hard Working”, and the book become the best seller, published more than 250,000 copies in Japan. His annual income exceed 100,000,000 Japanese yen (= 10,000,000HKD).

He has currently moved his bases to HongKong, and constantly traveling around the world.
He continues delivering the latest information and know-hows in internet business (information business, affiliate, internet auction) to his readers and fans through his blog and e-mail magazine, and gaining most of his high incomes from its advertising revenue.

Mr KAWASHIMA is also making constant and
intensive researches in the field of personal nature,
emotion, and needs, writing about how to live an ideal life,
and publishing through his internet media.


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(Kawashima’s Private Business School)

Announcement about Kawashima-Jyuku

Kawashima-Jyuku (Kawashima’s Private Business School), in which Mr. Kawashima directly coachs students in various fields, is not accepting new student application at the moment.

It is likely to start calling for next entries around October of 2013. He will release the information in his e-mail magazine and blog, so please keep checking if you are interested.

Company Profile

Company Name KawashimaHongKong Ltd.
Address Rm 1201-3, 12/F Chinachem Johnston Plaza, 178-186 Johnston Road, Wanchai, HongKong
Executive Director 川島和正 Kazumasa KAWASHIMA
Established October, 2011
Contact TEL +852-9555-5960(Hongkong), +81-50-5532-7235(Japan)
Business type Publishing, Web-publishing, Seminar bussiness
Bank of account HSBC (The HongKong and Shanghai Banking Corporation Limited)